Boyish half smiles.♥


Photographs of feelings I try to capture like butterflies, words just as fragile, colours flickering on screen and reminding me of decades I never lived through.

I hate you for not letting me have you.

What to update?

Okay. I’ve been blogging everyday on my 2nd’s and I totally forget about you zoey, and I’m so sorry about that. Btw there are so many, many things that happened this past 2months geez that’s long enough. My retreat had passed an I figured out things that I didn’t expected or prolly expected but I just didn’t see it coming that time. My variety show drama, my voice? she runaway, my weekly sickness, secrets of my friends, trust, lying, my love of my life, saturdate with friends, my dancing skill whatelse? I’ll be blogging about this soon. and will be posting pictures too!

I miss you Tumblr.♥

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I am planning to spend my upcoming break with my girlsss! (becky, jamie, lara, carla, marix, april),


We really need to catch and I miss them and their stories!

My sister Cj.

I will also meet up my brother and sister in Manila and maybe mum and kids will be there too.♥ Superb!

And be back in Tarlac for my Second Sem’s Enrollment and for the OJT thing.

Plans on my up coming sembreak.

Grab a new phone x2-01 - As you all know, I don’t have a mobile nowadays because I gave it to my brother who’s studying in Manila because he lost his and the fact that I am staying here and not using it that much I decided to gave it to him and by October I already have enough money to buy one.


I am dying to check out this Gravy Fix in Katips! Lezzie friends told me that they serve really good food and of course reasonable price. yey!

Gravy Fix is the newest restaurant to open in Katipunan Ave. It’s located right beside Flaming Wings, which is incidentally its sister restaurant. Gravy Fix specializes on different kinds of gravy to suit anyone’s hankering for saucy goodness.


The place can get very noisy during peak hours, so it’s not ideal for hanging out but perfect for quick lunch dates

The Soup of the Day (P50)

Fried Porkchop Meal (P120).

The Penne Marinara w/ Vodka (P110)

Smores (P90) inspired dessert, which is basically composed of two large marshmallows sitting on top of vanilla ice cream on a bed of crushed graham drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Whiz Steak (P115) which is basically a cheese steak with cheese whiz and onion sauce inside a baguette. It’s served with sweet potato chips.

Fried Chicken Meal (P120)


and if by chance I will drop by in taft, Proud Bar we will see each other soon!


I am also planning to meet up with angel, jam, coset and ramp pips!


I am so excited and I just can’t hide it! :)


Bestfriend Coset. It’s been what one year since our last bonding and its my birthday I guess. They left early because of the drunk woman who started flirting her infront of via, coset’s girlfriend. 

 I miss them so much! Like I never want to go back in Tarlac anyway I have 7 months left before graduation!


But theres a little unfinished business here, I wanted to go out with blue, go out not on a date but sort of bonding. Geezz! I don’t know but I really want to be close to her without any other hidden agendas okay? I’m not being defensive I just don’t like issues! I wanted to invite her but I know the answer is NO. Too busy.

*pictures and infos of gravy fix YummyDateNight on Facebook!


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In store!

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Nathalia Contier

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keiko lynn: leopard » it should be criminal to be so cute.

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keiko lynn: leopard » it should be criminal to be so cute.

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